Here are some of the care sheets we have written ourselves, or care sheets we believe are exceptional in outlining animal care. It is important to note that these are meant only as starting places and not as a complete overview of care. Every species is completely unique.

Ball Python: This caresheet by is a good place to start when thinking about a ball python. Personally, I don’t consider Ball Pythons to be a great beginner snake because of their finicky eating and larger size; however, a dedicated beginner could certainly keep one properly with the right resources.

Blue Tongued Skinks: This caresheet, written by the authors at, is the most reliable information found online regarding blue tongued skink care.

California King Snake: This care sheet was written by the founders of RRRSFL. This care sheet, by, goes into more detail about what is outlined in our care sheet.

Dione's Rat Snake: This care sheet outlines the care for a lesser-known beginner snake in the hobby.

Leopard Gecko: I highly recommend this care sheet from a blogger under the name LizardBeans on tumblr. It's packed with more information than we could write ourselves.

Yellow Bellied Slider: This care sheet from our friends across the pond is a great starting place to learn about the care of these gorgeous US native.