Photography provided by Tia Bernagozzi and friends

In 2017, we decided we needed to do something about a hidden need in the Finger Lakes Region.


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public of proper care of, and to improve the welfare and well-being of reptiles and amphibians in need. This includes, but is not limited to- public outreach events, taking in unwanted reptiles and amphibians, and pushing for efforts to give the public proper care information. 

Reptile intelligence and what it means to us

Too often reptiles are seen as disposable pets-- something short-lived with low intelligence. This often leads to improper care or even negligence in care, like we've seen with the reptiles we take in. 

The more we study reptiles, the more we recognize their intelligence and high need of care. We can recognize problem-solving, pleasure and displeasure, and even complex things such as target-training and object permanence. In larger species of lizards such as Tegus and other monitors, we can see complex emotions and dog-like intelligence(but even pocket-sized reptiles such as Anoles have been observed solving problems they've never encountered). This is why it is important to provide them withe enrichment and proper care. Read more *here[insert link]*

What We've Achieved

  • Rescued animals from neglectful situations.

  • Adopted out numerous animals to new forever homes!

  • Continued to be a reliable source of information for our community.